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Release of GeoRaptor 20 beta for SQL Developer 18+

Simon Greener
Simon Greener Member Posts: 799 Silver Badge
edited Apr 28, 2021 11:07PM in Spatial Discussions

GeoRaptor has not been available since Oracle released SQL Developer version 4.0.

Recently a build for SQL Developer 18 through 20 was produced and has now entered into beta.

This post is a call to those of you that use SQL Developer with your Oracle databases to consider becoming a beta tester.

The beta is available as a free download from my website. The following link shows how to register and download GeoRaptor.

This link shows how to select, visualise and work with XXX_SDO_GEOM_METADATA records.

This link provides a basic introduction to mapping geometry data.

This final link shows the different methods whereby sdo_geometry data can be visualised in result sets.

Loading shapefiles into Oracle Spatial table

Using views to visualise geographic/geodetic data.

More information on GeoRaptor's powerful metadata management tools.

Documentation on how to modify a layer's visualisation properties.

More simple videos and documentation will be created over time.



B Hall


  • B Hall
    B Hall Member Posts: 317 Bronze Badge

    Nice! I'll check it out later today.

  • Simon Greener
    Simon Greener Member Posts: 799 Silver Badge

    81+ changed to 18+

  • _jum
    _jum Member Posts: 494 Silver Badge
    edited May 3, 2021 10:11AM

    Waited so long for this message 😀

    Had to keep alive my old SQL-Developer 3.2 to use GeoRaptor in the meantime.

    The beta version has already good functionality.

    Some details are still missing (boundary and fill color of polygons), but it is already of great use.

    And I discovered a highlight "Preview Selected Geometry" - now it's very easy 👍️ 👍️️ to find the nasty ORA-13349 in this complex geometry, isn't it ?

    Thanks a lot to Simon to make the GeoRaptor fly again 👍️


    Enjoy the coffe ☕️ ☕️ for your hard work!

  • Simon Greener
    Simon Greener Member Posts: 799 Silver Badge
    edited Apr 30, 2021 10:42PM


    Glad you are happy there is a newer version being prepared.

    I don't want to run foul of this forum's administrators as this is the place for Spatial issues not for GeoRaptor bugs. Please raise an Issue at the public github repository or contact me directly simon at spdba dot com dot au.

    PS The current beta does support boundary/area styling of areas. Preview is just a preview. I haven't looked at the old validate code: it will probably be last on the list of things I will look at.....



  • John OToole (Dublin)
    John OToole (Dublin) Member Posts: 134 Blue Ribbon

    Simon deserves a lot of credit for his work in updating GeoRaptor to work with the latest SQL Developer. He has been chipping away at this on and off for the last few years, hitting obstacle after obstacle, but has now got a version which works very well. The thankless pain of an open source developer! GeoRaptor was very popular a few years ago, but stalled once the SQL Developer extension API was totally changed for version 4, it's great to see it make a comeback now.

    For anybody who hasn't used GeoRaptor previously, I would encourage you to try it out if you regularly access spatial data in SQL Developer. GeoRaptor has lots of cool features which can really save you loads of time for keeping on top of your Oracle spatial tasks. It is worth taking some time to review the documentation links Simon posted above.

    Well done Simon!

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