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How to skip interview screens in initial interview flow but navigate back to them post-interview?

Hi all,

I am looking for a way to skip screens during the initial interview flow and have the ability to navigate back to them after completing the interview. I want the screens skipped initially as they will intentionally be read-only but I would like the ability to go back to review the data on those screens after concluding the interview for data review purposes.

When I hide the screens using the 'show screen if' functionality, I am able to navigate back to visible screens as usual using the back button or navigation pane but not the screens that were hidden. I'm not sure if it is possible to view the read-only information on the hidden screens after the interview but I would appreciate any insights!

Thank you,

Best Answer

  • Matt Sevin-Oracle
    Matt Sevin-Oracle Member, Moderator Posts: 309 Employee
    Accepted Answer

    It should be just a matter of defining the correct logic to use within the show-screen-if functionality. For example, what is false during the interview, but becomes true "when the interview is completed"? If you don't already have such an attribute, just define one and use it for your screen logic. (i.e. "the interview is complete if ... [some conclusion that becomes known]") Show the (previously hidden) screen if ... "the interview is complete".

    Griffin ScottJasmine Lee-Oracle


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