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Register extract doesn't return the SCN

cptkirksh Member Posts: 89 Red Ribbon
edited May 3, 2021 8:55PM in GoldenGate

Running GG MA and I was in the adminclient creating an extract. In the past, after I add the extract then register the extract it usually returns the SCN. I don't get that anymore. Any idea why? The extract gets added according to the alert log and a query of select CAPTURE_NAME,CAPTURE_USER,FIRST_SCN from dba_capture and i can get the SCN there so I am just curious what I did wrong. thanks.

here is something i used to get. I took this from the documentation

OGG ( Phoenix as oggadmin) 3> add extract EXTPRIM integrated tranlog begin now
2018-03-16T13:37:07Z  INFO    OGG-08100  EXTRACT (Integrated) added.

OGG ( Phoenix as oggadmin) 4> register extract EXTPRIM database
2018-03-16T13:37:30Z  INFO    OGG-02003  Extract EXTPRIM successfully registered with database at SCN 1608891.