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EM Agent 13.4 discovery plugin core dumps

Lyall Barbour
Lyall Barbour Member Posts: 6 Blue Ribbon


Unix team has been informing the DB team that certain VMs have core dumps on them every day, when the Auto-Discovery happens on our OMS 13.4 system:


Here's the emagent_perl.trc error: 2021-05-05 14:25:12,621: ERROR: executeCommand: /bin/srvctl config listener: cannot execute "/bin/srvctl config listener": No such file or directory

Looking into, the command being run is $CRS_HOME/bin/srvctl config listener

CRS_HOME is only being UNSET at the top of the perl script if it's 10g. There's code for the rest of the setting of CRS_HOME. Can someone point me in the right direction of which setting is incorrect, or config file? The plugin is the same on a non-coredumping system, as this system that core dumps. I would think i'm looking for a config file that is wrong, or something.