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After install UEK boot goes black, on nVidia 1070 (an ePCI card)

UEK never shows graphics only text, then when it tries to switch my LED screen goes dark (when it runs X probably). I am unsure if this is due to Oracles kernel options or perhaps hidden module loading in the initrd (i'm still trying to figure out how to mount which format the initrd is in)?

I guess I could DL "nvidia" drivers for RHEL or UEK but I'm unsure yet (still reading Oracle docs) how to use rpm and or yum "correctly" so i get the "right" nvidia driver. (I need mode-setting driver says nvidia and NO kernel support, the 1070 is ePCI based not agp). So that's my 2nd question. Is my "yum" already pointing to the right servers or is that a DiY?

The RHEL boot switches from text, to graphics, back to text, then graphics again. It works, meh, vesa support. What CONFUSE ME IS the 'xorg.conf' will read "use vesa" booting either kernel so I have no idea how I got into this situation by bootin UEK. Also Oracle docs did mention nVidia support. But nVidia doesn't work even a little not even vesa.

I would rather run the UEK by oracle. I hope to run Mathematica (but if GL doesn't work I may was well quit now), and do maybe some developing.

The RH installer refused to install after FreeBSD did (despite plenty of space free). I had to erase FreeBSD, install Oracle Linux, then re-install FreeBSD.

I really I MUST have hardware GL working or Mathematica or win10 is the "only choice" (despite WR claiming many). (MM works terribly on Apple and Win10 I won't discuss - I'm here let's say that, WR switched to Qt based releases let's say that.)

i do have Intel i5 built-in 3D graphics and and extra if poor quality HDMI cable. I hate to try it unless it's 100% known to work.