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How to update sysman.mgmt_rac_services

User51642 Yong Huang
User51642 Yong Huang Member Posts: 133 Blue Ribbon
edited May 7, 2021 8:18PM in Enterprise Manager

I find that in the OEM repository database, the sysman.mgmt_rac_services view contains stale data. For example, there are rows where preferred_instances != running_instances even though all services on the target database were started on all instances quite some time ago:

SQL> col database_unique_name for a10
SQL> col cluster_name for a20
SQL> col service_name for a30
SQL> col preferred_instances for a35
SQL> col running_instances for a35
SQL> select database_unique_name, cluster_name, service_name, preferred_instances, running_instances
 2 from sysman.mgmt_rac_services
 3 where preferred_instances!=running_instances
 4 order by 1,2,3,4;

---------- ------------- --------------------- ------------------- -----------------
dbcs15     cmsrvscan15   mdasb                 dbcs151,dbcs152     dbcs152

On the cluster cmsrvscan15, service mdasb has been running on both instances, dbcs151 and dbcs152, for quite some time.

I followed the instruction in

12c EM: Cluster Target is Listed as "Not Uploading" On Agent Home Page (Doc ID 2135701.1)

and ran on the target DB

emctl control agent runCollection cmsrvscan15:cluster mgmt_rac_services

The view is still not updated.

According to

OEM 13c : Large Numbers Of OEM Agents Backed-off And Agent Upload Data is Impacted with emoms_pbs.trc showing " ORA-20241: Out Of Order snapshot received for target_guid" (Doc ID 2679481.1)

"From Target Dashboard , go to Metric Collections and Settings and then Other collected items and set the Collection Schedule to 'Every 24 Hours'" and I checked. Some are "Every 24 Hours" or "Every 30 Minutes", but some are disabled. Specifically:

Configuration Metric   Database Active Services Every 24 Hours

Configuration Metric   Database Services Every 24 Hours

Configuration Metric   Database Services Every 24 Hours

Configuration Metric   DB Service Cloud Properties Disabled

Configuration Metric   Pluggable Database Services Every 24 Hours

Average Service Metric History (All Database Services) Disabled

Database Services (All Pluggable Databases) Every 30 Minutes

EM Database Services (All Pluggable Databases) Every 1 Hour

Response (All Database Services) Disabled

Service Wait Performance (All Database Services) Disabled

Do you see any disabled metric that should be enabled in order to refresh sysman.mgmt_rac_services view? Thank you!

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