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upgrade of target database in ogg config

dba81 Member Posts: 100 Blue Ribbon

Hi Guys,

Need advise here as not really familiar with OGG.

== existing OGG config:

Source: 11gR2 (extract, pump)

Target: 11gR2 (replicat)

Source and target DB on different server


We are planning to upgrade the "target DB" from 11gr2 to 19c. It will be on a new server and DB.

We will be using export/import for migration as the target db size is not huge.

As the existing target DB is part of existing OGG config, need advise here.

We are looking into having a new set of "extract, pump in source and replicat in the new server" so that existing replication to existing target DB will not be impacted.

As there are additional data set in the target DB (not part of ogg replication), we are looking into exporting the data direct from the existing target db and import to the new DB and from there start the new set of extract/pump/replicat.

Question is.. how do we ensure data is in-sync if we are using the data direct from target db as baseline (initial load) prior to starting the new extrat/pump/replicat? we won't be able to stop the source DB application as no downtime.

Need some pointers here.