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dyndns support for certbot-dns-rfc2136

User_PS9IN Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon
edited May 15, 2021 4:54PM in Dyn Community

Certbot has a plugin for dns-rfc2136 updates of TXT records for acme challenges. This is useful, as it permits automated renewal of the certificates issued with DNS challenges. Is there support for this RFC in dyndns?


Jeff E Mandel MD MS


  • User_OWFKE
    User_OWFKE Member Posts: 9 Red Ribbon

    You can't, since you can't set TXT record for a dyndns, since you don't own the host. You are only borrowing it.

    It's only possible if you have your own purchased domain.

  • User_PS9IN
    User_PS9IN Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon

    To be clear, I have a registered domain, and am able to set TXT records for it using the web interface. The issue is that it is a legacy account (I set it up over 10 years ago), and while I can use dynupdater with it, it seems that access to the dns-rfc2136 interface is restricted to Oracle Cloud accounts. If someone has insight on how to make that work, this would rise to the level of warranting a response. Clearly, if I'm trying to renew a dns challenge, I've already successfully created it in the first place.

  • As indicated by User_OWFKE, our DynDNS Pro service (also called Remote Access) would not be compatible. However, if you are using our Standard or Managed DNS service -- we may be able to help. I would encourage you to reach out to your service support team to inquire whether your account support integration with dns-rfc2136. Reach out via your account, usual support email address, or by writing [email protected]

    -- Dyn Customer Support

    [email protected]