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Java Script property behaving much differently in 11.2 vs. previous versions - WHY?

Hello Folks -

We've recently upgraded Oracle DRM to 11.2 and running into an issue with a Java Script validation.

The validation is a hierarchy validation which is assigned to the top node. It then pulls in all Nodes that start with "PFC". From there, it then gets all the children and checks for a particular value on a specific Attribute. If more than 1 of the same value is determined, it will bomb the validation.

This has been working fine in Version and but for 11.2 I'm running into issues when I try to ADD a PFC style member to the hierarchy. It almost seems like it runs the validation because whether I add manually OR via action script and just churns and churns. Why would this behave differently in 11.2?

here is my logic:

var arr1 = [];

var arr2 = [];

var arr3 = [];

var objTopNode = node.NodeByAbbrev("PF_PORTFOLIO_TOTAL");

arr1 = objTopNode.DescendantsWith(function(n){return(n.Abbrev.substring(0,3)=="PFC")},0);

for(var u = 0; u < arr1.length; u++)


      var objDRMNode = node.NodeByAbbrev(arr1[u]);

      arr2 = objDRMNode.GetChildren(false);

            for(var k = 0; k < arr2.length; k++)


                  var objChildNode = node.NodeByAbbrev(arr2[k]);

                  var strPropVal = objChildNode.PropValue("Custom.PR_Lead_Indication");            






      if(arr3.length > 1)


            return false



return true;