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Reallocating Items Netsuite

User_6RED8 Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon


I am a new Nestuiste user so please forgive my ignorance. I did try searching around this site and reading suite answers but I am unable to find a resolution/guidance on supply allocation. I have an open ticket for my specific issue, but support folks can't seem to determine a resolution either.

I recently turned on the advanced supply features and created an allocation strategy. My allocation strategy was meant to alleviate the system from allocating quantities to orders that don't ship until a future date. This has worked for the most part. However, since turning this on I am no having an issue with the reallocate items feature that used to work great. Whenever I reallocate each component (I am mostly using kits on SOs) of the kit it has NO effect on the actual SO, ie it still shows the item as back-ordered. What am I missing with my allocation strategy?

My other general question on this topic is what is the difference between "allocate orders" and "reallocate items?" I have tried both as a workaround to my issue, both save as if they will work but have no effect on the SO. Any help or guidance on best practices would be GREATLY appreciated, my warehouse manager hates me and Netsuite right now.


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