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can you migrate FDMEE via LCM from Oracle DB to another same version env but on SQL ?

I found some older forum entries saying that migrating FDMEE LCM to a different database platform was not possible, due to some items inside the FDMEE tables being stored differently in Oracle than in SQL server.

But the latest LCM guides / PDFs for migrating to 11.2.5 do not state anything about cross-database migration. I know for most products, foundation, planning, the LCM export can be imported into another environment that is based on different DB type, SQL>Oracle or Oracle>SQL, as long as supported versions used.

But FDMEE may be different, I just cannot find the info if cross-DB LCM would actually work now, in 11.2.5.

If a staging system is needed for the conversion to happen from same EPM version to same version, that's OK to do. My main worry is, will the LCM of Oracle-based FDMEE import cleanly and completely into SQL-FDMEE?