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Oracle API gateway error

User_58KMQ Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

Hi All,

I am trying to connect to weblogic JMS queue from Oracle API Gateway. But I am getting below error. Any help on this is appreciated.

[JMSExceptions:045101]The destination name passed to the createTopic or createQueue is invalid "APIQueue". If the destination name does not contain a "/" character, then it must be the name of a distributed destination that is available in the cluster to which the client is attached. If it does contain a "/" character, then the string before the "/" must be the name of a JMS server or a ".". The string after the "/" is the name of a the desired destination. If the "./" version of the string is used then any destination with the given name on the local WebLogic Server instance will be returned.

at weblogic.utils.StackTraceDisabled.unknownMethod()