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ODI Studio 12C - Multiple Users Access

BRSPitt Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon


I dont have much Oracle knowledge outside of installing software on systems for users. I wanted to know if it was possible to install ODI Studio 12C on a Windows or Windows Server machine and have multiple users be able to access / open the software.

In the install tests I have done, seems like the only person that can open the ODI Studio is the person that installed it. I saw an Oracle KB stating that was the way it worked in 11, but said it didnt apply to 12C. But in tests where I installed the studio, I could open it without issues. Anyone else that logged into the same machine could not open it. Tried it on a Windows 10 system and an RDS Windows Server, including installing it in Remote Desktop Install Mode.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.....


  • Marco Fris
    Marco Fris Member Posts: 127 Bronze Badge

    Should work, ODI stores cache, preferences and such in a home directory (users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\odi on my W10 box).

    Check permissions on the executable. Did you install as administrator?

  • BRSPitt
    BRSPitt Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

    I did install as an administrator.

    When any other user tries to open it the error comes up.

    According to the 12C documentation. Only the user that installs ODI on a Windows machine can open the application.

  • Paula Istrate-Oracle
    Paula Istrate-Oracle Member Posts: 9 Employee

    A valid workaround would be to try to provide full access on the middleware folder to the all OS Windows users which are going to use ODI Studio. All users can share that same ODI installation if they have complete privileges to each file under ODI installation.

    But each user will have their own environment, specifically each user will have their own ODI directory (for example C:\Users\<theOSUser>\AppData\Roaming\odi)

    ODI stores each each user's login files, jdbc driver files or other personal files under each OS user's environment.