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Where to find the Jar files for a custom component?

User_R5V0E Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon

My team is working on migrating to a new version of UCM, however one custom component isn't working. First thing we need to do is to get it to compile, however we cannot due to the fact we don't have all the JARs in the classpath. Below is the snip of the import that it is needing, but cannot find. Opening the class in IntelliJ reveals that the class was compile in Java 6 and we wonder if moving to Java 1.7 will take care of the issue or we might have to move onward to figure out the errors that are being thrown.

Does anyone know of what jar files would contain these?

Thanks, Michael

import intradoc.shared.*;
import intradoc.common.*;
import intradoc.server.*;
import intradoc.resource.*

public class PurgeExpiredPassPortSessionsFilter implements FilterImplementor 
   private static String HOURLY_ACTION = "CustomHourlyEvent";
   public int doFilter(Workspace ws, DataBinder eventData, ExecutionContext cxt) 
      throws DataException, ServiceException 


  • User_R5V0E
    User_R5V0E Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon


    * Log in as Adminstrator

    * Go to Administration -> Configuration for ...

    * Expand classpath details - there you will find all the jar files that WebCenter Content is using. The one that pertains towards intradoc will be something like idcserver.jar. Use that jar into your IntelliJ or Eclipse classpath.