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Encoding UTF16 from a flat file

User_Y6T3P Member Posts: 4 Green Ribbon
edited Jun 8, 2021 11:14PM in Data Integrator

I have a flat file which contain such character ʔaq̓am and Sq'éwlets then after mapping in ODI and querying in oracle sql developer tool, the result would be ¿aq¿am and Sq'éwlets

I saw these posts + documents

which then I added encoding to my jdbc url which would then look like jdbc:snps:dbfile?ENCODING=UTF8 and then Sq'éwlets would look perfectly fine after encoding, but the other one ʔaq̓am would still look like ¿aq¿am

So I thought UTF8 might not be enough that I should try UTF16 so I had jdbc:snps:dbfile?ENCODING=UTF16 but this actually made it worse it's seeing all the values in the column as null.

Anyone has idea if there's something else I need to change in settings or in mapping for the encoding to work?

P.S. in database, the field is using nvarchar2 as data type