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OIM approval composite workflow is triggered twice

Peter Felso
Peter Felso Member Posts: 115 Red Ribbon


I have a custom approval workflow configured to be triggered when new role is assigned to user.

The problem is that after successfull approval the workflow is triggered once again - new composite instance is created when the approver approves the role assignment - and the approval is started for the exact same role assignment that was already approved. I am not aware of any configuration that should start such an additional approval.

When the role is rejected by approver, no additional approval is started (that's correct behavior).

I have deployed the same approval composite in other OIM installation and there is no such additional triggering in case of positive approval.

Have you anyone faced such a behavior? I have no clue what causes this problem.


This is the workflow configuration in OIM (11g R2 PS3):

This is the trace in case of APPROVE:

and this is the trace in case of REJECT:


  • Peter Felso
    Peter Felso Member Posts: 115 Red Ribbon

    Anyone with SOA knowledge who can help me?

    I have no idea what's going on - I have rebuilded the composite, undeployed and re-deployed it into both SOA installations - the problem behaves exactly as described. I have also noticed that in the approval request email there is the approval details info tab present - in the system with double approval requests - but in the correctly behaving system there isn't. But the SOA composite is the same!

    Any help would be great.


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