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What is SOA Core Extension in Soa suite 12.1.3

Can someone please explain what is SOA Core Extension and its significance in Soa Suite.

I have an existing SOA setup with OSB and SOA domains, and in soa_infra I can see some AIA components. I am not aware how they are installed, but then I need to understand if that can be removed, or at least if I install SOA suite(same version) on different machine, then how can I "not install" them and install the required components only. I couldn't see the Core extension check/uncheck option coming in the install wizard.

I have to later upgrade the environment to, but first I need to understand if I really have SOA core Extension component bundled with my current setup in 12.1.3 if I see AIA services in soa_infra..

Thank you in Advance.