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How to add a JAR to WebCenter Content for a custom component?

User_R5V0E Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon

We have a custom component that isn't working after doing an upgrade. To troubleshoot the issue, I've added some code to examine the contents that is getting sent in. However, the code I found to examine the contents required me to add a JAR in my IntelliJ. When I move the class over to the location and run the app, it of course fails since it cannot find the needed class. I've learned that I can see the jar files that is known in "Administration -> Configuration for ..." and then click on the link on the right of "Classpath Details" It shows that the class loader is "IdcClassLoader". Using one of the jar files, I searched using "findstr" and located it in two location of the same file - "state.cfg". However upon editing this file, it states that it was automatically built, so there has to be something that builds this file, but I don't' know what that is. I've been searching on the web for a solution, but I have not found anything at this point.

If you know what it is that would allow me to add the jar file, please let me know or even if you have a thought, anything I can go research will be worth it.

Thanks, Michael