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FDMEE Data Load Rule Exception


I want to add exception in FDMEE data load rule. When any Account dimension source value start with series of 6 then rule become error out OR give an exception. How can i cater this in mapping or need to write a jython script??.

Thanks in Advance.


  • User_Y2UVP
    User_Y2UVP Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

    The simplest way is for the DLR you want to create the exception is enter a target account member which is not present in your target application. It will automatically fail at the time of export. But by using this , there is only one problem that some of the members values will be loaded. To over come this situation you can write a jython script "after import" , in this check the tdataseg table and find the account value which starts with 6. If you find the value then update the tprocess table and t process log table as failed.

    I hope by this way you can achive what you are looking.

    ~Anubhav M