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Looking for help with OUD replication performance issues

We are an ISV building our application using OUD as our database. We're having some problems with replication performance between multiple master databases at medium scale (60k records). It is taking on the order of 28 hours for records to replicate between servers. Has anyone else encountered this or have troubleshooting/diagnosis suggestions?


Joe Anderson


  • DebA-Oracle
    DebA-Oracle Member Posts: 17 Employee

    The first thing to do is to check latency in the network between the servers. If there is network latency between the servers, then adjusting the replication window size should be considered...

    Fusion Middleware Administering Oracle Unified Directory

    32.5.3 Changing the Window Size

    Next, check the replication logs to see if there is anything obvious. If all else fails, open a Service Request with data collected according to the below Knowledge Articles:

    OUD - Gathering Data for Replication Troubleshooting (Doc ID 1402036.1)   

    SRDC - Service Request Data Collection for Oracle Unified Directory - Replication Issues(Doc ID 2167039.1)

  • User_Q6J8I
    User_Q6J8I Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

    Thanks for the thought. We are operating currently at 0 latency but will keep this in mind as we go forward. Currently engaged with Oracle consulting and SEs to help us sort this out.