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frameworkfoldersmetadefaults table

Piyal Member Posts: 52 Red Ribbon
edited Jul 14, 2021 2:41PM in WebCenter Content


Please help me to understand what data 'frameworkfoldersmetadefaults' table actually stores in Oracle webcenter content product DB.

Version: 06:28:23Z-r170263 (Build:



  • vinay-kumar-Oracle
    vinay-kumar-Oracle Director, Product Management (WebCenter & Oracle Content) HyderabadMember Posts: 10 Employee

    Why do you need to understand the underline table usage. Can you please share the actual problem you are trying to address.

  • Piyal
    Piyal Member Posts: 52 Red Ribbon

    @vinay-kumar-Oracle In our env, when we are using propagation, sometime few rows are getting created in this mentioned table, and once the row is getting created in the table, after that propagation is fetching some details only from that table, which creating a problem. We dnt under how details are getting stored in this table.

    For example, we have updated one user in User Access list of a folder and tried to propagate the same from the folder. After clicking the Propagation button, it is showing the old value, did not picked up the newly added user details. After investigating we found that, propagation has fetched the details from aframeworkfoldersmetadefaults table which has some old value updated for the same folder.

    Also checked with another folder, on which Propagation is working fine, for that folder there is no row created in the frameworkfoldersmetadefaults table.