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GoldenGate for Big Data: issue with DST

User_1NYK8 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
edited Jul 3, 2021 5:39AM in GoldenGate


We are having an issue with Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data that we use to publish CDC messages to Kafka (with the KafkaHandler).

Normally the datetime values that we publish to Kafka, would be in the local time zone (Netherlands), but we have configured GoldenGate to publish those values in the time zone UTC.

But during the transition from Daylight Saving Time (UTC+02:00) to no DST (UTC+01:00) on October 25, 2020 we observed this behaviour (datetime in format DD-MM-YYYY HH:MM):

insert in RDBMS on 25-10-2020 02:59:59 (UTC+02:00) -> OP_TS = 25-10-2020 00:59:59

insert in RDBMS on 25-10-2020 02:00:01 (UTC+01:00) -> OP_TS = 25-10-2020 00:00:01

The last OP_TS should be 25-10-2020 01:00:01.

We have tried a lot of options (ORA_SDTZ, SOURCETIMEZONE, TZ) but we can't get it working correctly.

Do you have a solution?


Roger Janssen