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ogg automatic heartbeat

dba81 Member Posts: 101 Blue Ribbon

Hi Guys,

ogg 19.1.

We have setup automatic heartbeat by using add heartbeattable for both source and target. Everything is working perfect and fine.

Some advise here as we are trying to implement monitoring on lag alerts via sqlplus query on gg_lag view.

in target (replicat db):

-> gg_lag view

incoming_lag column actually shows the time difference of "latest source side heartbeat timestamp received" - "timestamp when replicat read the heartbeat record from the remote trail"

incoming_heartbeat_age column is basically the "current time" - "the most recent source side heartbeat timestamp received"

With this, I believe monitoring incoming_lag column for lag threshold alert is not enough? Because incoming_lag will not get updated at all if the replicat did not receive any latest replicated source side heartbeat timestamp due to issue like network issues or huge transactions causing delay.

With this ,am i right that we need to monitor incoming_heartbeat_age column as well? (if it somehow cross the interval of heartbeat generated).

We don't have oem here so finding an alternative to monitor lag - though we understand monitoring artificial transaction may not be the best way.