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Using DMG files with virtualbox as ISO file by changing file extension

User_QK78F Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

As I have been really getting into playing on VirtualBox more and more, I have came across some issues with using Linux mint to get disk copies that are in IMG format. I done some checking about converting an IMG to ISO to use on VirtualBox. I came across a techs stand point that the images are so close to the same that you could probably get by with just changing the file extension from IMG to ISO. It warns you that the file could become unstable, but when I done that, it worked.

Well I have been using AnyBurn to convert the DMG files from MacOS to IMG then changing the extension to ISO. Well today I got to thinking more into it that a DMG file is another format of a disk image, so I didn't change the DMG but added to it ".iso" and connected it to the VirtualBox, and wouldn't you know it, it booted up. So I then took like 8 different DMG files and just changed the file extension from DMG to ISO and they all booted up and loaded in VirtualBox.

I feel this is something that every user of VirtualBox should know so they aren't searching for ISO files of MacOS when they can just change the file extension to "iso" and it will boot up and install the application. Yes, it gives the warning that this could make the file become unstable, but its not messed up on me for the past 15-20 installs testing out this theory and winning the deal with success.

I hope this helps some macOS users and others get better access to using the software files as is with a simple change of extension. You don't even have to delete the DMG, just add on to it the ".iso" and it will be recognized as a ISO file.

Thank you and hope all have fun with this barrier being overcome.