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Oracle - Change region

User_MKVZ9 Member Posts: 4 Green Ribbon

Hi, i would like to be able to use my arm VM to its full capacity (24gb ram, 4 cores), but it seems like

Netherlands Northwest (Amsterdam) doesn't have the capacity.

will it be possible to change a region?




  • User_G0FB5
    User_G0FB5 Member Posts: 13 Employee


    For me, the question is a little incomplete.

    Do you want to change the region for your instance OR do you want to jump in any other region and create a new instance with the required specification?

    Trial, free tier, and pay-as-you-go tenancies are limited to one subscribed region. You can request an increase to the limit for pay-as-you-go tenancies, see To request a subscribed region limit increase for more information.

    Universal monthly credit tenancies can subscribe to all publicly released commercial regions.

    In general: IAM resources are cross-region. DB Systems, instances, and volumes are specific to an availability domain. Everything else is regional. Exception: Subnets were originally designed to be specific to an availability domain.