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Inactive Session in ODI Repository


We have developed 10 mappings. All of these mappings are one to one mapping. They are no expression or conversion. The data is in CSV file (i.e. source system) and target is oracle ADW (i.e. target system). We have create a simple load plan to trigger all the mapping in parallel mode to load the data.

Before start the load plan we have observed no of inactive session for ODI repository is 4. After trigger the load plan the no of inactive session increased to 30. Once the load plan successfully completed out of the 30 inactive session only 12 got closed , remaining 18 inactive session are still in inactive mode. Those are not closed at all.

The no of inactive session are getting increase every time we trigger the data load process,

Any idea on this issue.

ODI Version is ODI Market place V12.

Thank you all in advance.

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