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CalcMgrCmdLineLauncher not working some times in Planning 11.2.4

Srinivas Bobbala
Srinivas Bobbala Member Posts: 856 Bronze Trophy

We are using a batch script to call business rules in a sequence as shown below. sometimes, one is working, some times two and some times all. We are not getting any error but If I go and check in Job console, couldn't see the rules.

is it a known issue and any work arounds?

cd C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem1\Planning\planning1

calcMgrCmdLineLauncher.cmd -f:password.txt /A:<App_Name> /U:<User_name> /D:<Database> /R:<Rule1> > c:\rule1.log

calcMgrCmdLineLauncher.cmd -f:password.txt /A:<App_Name> /U:<User_name> /D:<Database> /R:<Rule2> > c:\rule2.log

calcMgrCmdLineLauncher.cmd -f:password.txt /A:<App_Name>/U:<User_name> /D:<Database> /R:<Rule3> > c:\rule3.log