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Actions to take in Golden Gate when upgrading OS OEL7 to OEL8

Elahe D
Elahe D Member Posts: 7 Green Ribbon
edited Jul 14, 2021 12:50PM in GoldenGate

Hi team,

I'm going to upgrade my OS version + Database version and Goldengate as well.

What I have now is a 12.2DB that I want to upgrade to 19.3

Database version is OEL 7 to be upgraded to OEL8

The running GG version is as well that I want to upgrade it to 19c

The steps I want to take is described as below :

I installed a fresh Redhat Oraclelinux 8 and restore the old 12.2 DB then I start the upgrade process.

I don't know the actions I have to take to install the binaries of the new version of GG in a way I can skip the initial load. I can keep the structure of OGG home and the location of trail files.

how can I move the old trail files and OGG home and upgrade it to a new version in a way that I can continue replicating without the need of a complete initial load that can expose my data to the risk and takes so much time?

can you describe me the steps?

Thank you