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Skip transaction based on before and after image while using insertallrecord

User_PHC09 Member Posts: 28 Employee

Hi Team, we have insertallrecords on the replicat prm file so all the update in source will be converted into two inserts in target with a before image and after image. source has 5 columns and target also got same 5 columns.. customer only need to replicat first 3 columns to target. so they can use cols or colsexcept to skip the other 2 columns. customer was to skip a transaction if change happens on 4th and 5th column for an update . but this is not happening with cols and colsexcept as this change is inserting on target .Is it possible in goldengate to skip a transaction for an update if the change is happening in the columns ( 4 and 5) which is part of Colsexcept.