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Database synchronization strategy

User_YTBJ3 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

Database synchronization between tables of two different schemas in oracle itself. The main aim of our project is to normalize the current tables so new table structure will be very different. What is the strategy to be followed. Please advice.




  • Christyxo
    Christyxo Member Posts: 146 Silver Badge
    edited Jul 16, 2021 8:34AM

    Could you elaborate? You've asked a very vague question here.

    My best estimate of your question is that you have a transaction database with a series of tables that you want to bring into a data warehouse where you will then normalise the structure.

    Source Table -> Sync with Target Table -> Normalise to new structure

    How you proceed with your integration approach will depend on how much time, effort and money you are willing to spend; how much data is changing in source on a regular basis, how often you need to run your integration process (batch or near-real time). Most options assume that you have something in your source table that you could use to track changes efficiently i.e. an update or create date per record.

    Some of the tools that are available to you to execute your integration;

    • Oracle Golden Gate for sync
    • Oracle Datasync for sync
    • Oracle Data Integrator for sync & integration
    • Basic SQL jobs could move changed data from source to target
    • Triggers on source table could move changed data from source to target

    So, what is your question regarding? The sync of data from source to target and how you do it, or the conversion to a normalised model, and strategy for it.