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SBC SIP Carrier interoperability with Msft-TeamsDR: SIP response translate from Bye to Cancel

User_2AKND Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
edited Jul 31, 2021 2:32PM in Enterprise Manager

Subject: SBC SIP response translation from Bye to Cancel.

(Telco Carrier) "BYE" ==> [SBC] ==> "Cancel" (APP)


for fix interop Issue between SIP carrier and Msft-TeamsDR issue, I'm looking for a way to translate "Bye" received from Carrier to a "Cancel"; as you understand "BYE" is unexpected message at this stage, as we receive it before call setup is completed, and then destination App is refusing it with error like '481'.

As it's possible to trigger this change base on SIP header "Reason" including specific info, I was working on sip-manipulation #HMR with "header-name @status-line", but even we have already implemented this kind of message translation, I cannot succeed to make it work for my scenario to translate a "Bye" to a "Cancel"

Thanks if any tips on this one or any feasibility limitation for that.