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Is EM 13.5 repository on PDB istance supported on Oracle Database 19.12?

I'm going to deploy a new EM 13.5 environment and according the “Cloud Control Basic Installation Guide - 13c Release 5” Oracle Database 19c PDB instance repository requires Oracle Database 19.5 and one-off patch 31145525.

Can I upgrade the Oracle Database to 19.12 release update after install EM 13.5 and create the EM repository in a PDB instance on Oracle Database 19.5?


  • EricvdS
    EricvdS Member Posts: 972 Bronze Trophy

    Hi Ricardo,

    Why in the guide db version 19.5 is mentioned is not clear to me. Maybe at the time of writing the guide db version 19.5 was the one available? The OMS repository certification matrix states:

    Enterprise Manager Base Platform - OMS with Oracle Database

    Oracle Database 19.11 RU or higher is required. That is in contradiction to the guide.

    And even for this 19.11 version patch version patch 31145525 is required if you use the preconfigured repositry template. So, I would go for using the latest version and go from there. However, I don't see a patch for 19.12, the latest version is for 19.11.