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EM Grafana Plugin: only last 8 days are displayed

raphi Member Posts: 10 Blue Ribbon


I've noticed that Timeseries->raw based panels are only displaying data to a maximum of 8 days back when I set the date picker to display the last 30 days. Non-time series based panels with my own queries are displayed correctly. I haven't changed any default query options in the panels.

Does someone know what I need to change to be able to go back in time as far as there are metrics in the Repository DB? When I choose a specific day that is more than 8 days back there is also no data displayed, although the data is in the Repo.

It seems that there is some limitation set but I cannot figure out where. I've checked the JSON query in the Grafana dev console and the dates are submitted correctly but the plugin only returns data for the last 8 days.

Am I the only one experiencing this limitation?