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Technical differences between JCA properties and binding properties of Adapters

Naveent_2785 Member Posts: 28 Blue Ribbon

What are the technical differences between JCA properties and binding properties of Adapters.

For example in a JMS adapter, jca.jms.JMSMessageID is a JCA property and adapter.jms.receive.threads, adapter.jms.retry.interval are binding properties.

As I understand, JCA properties are specific to the config required for interacting with the target resources/systems like DB, JMS, File etc.

Binding properties are used to configure a SOA service for how it has to be deployed/executed in the soa infrastructure/engine runtime. Can someone, please confirm if it's correct.

Can someone please, also articles related to the internal design/architecture of the SOA infrastructure implementation used in the Oracle SOA product.





  • User_5BF9I
    User_5BF9I Member Posts: 1 Employee

    Hi Naveen,

    for any technology adapter, there are primarily 2 parts, interaction spec(outbound) and activation spec( inbound)

    those are implemented by internal classes and that require a few properties, that we are providing through JCA file

    few properties are used for representation purposes and a few are used for controlling the execution purpose

    adapter.JMS.receive.threads, adapter.JMS.retry.interval, binding properties instruct the engine how to execute and with what resources, if a receive .threads =2, then 2 threads would be listing on the queue or subscriber topic, same as retry interval