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DB 19c

dcj-OC Member Posts: 2 Blue Ribbon

I'm 19c Rookie - after spending past 8 years in

19c Quarterly patches include security patches and updates. And - it has a new subversion (ie, 19.9; 19.10; 19.11, etc). By default - my Oracle Home was the full version name. 11.2 and all CPU patches, updates to 11.2 where applied there.

How are you handling/naming the 19c Oracle home? just leave it as 19? And patch accordingly to that Home? Build new home each time patch applied?

Links do not work - datapatch will not work with linked $ORACLE_HOME

Thanks for ideas, suggestions, recommendations - and sharing what you have learned !


  • Jason_(A_Non)
    Jason_(A_Non) Member Posts: 2,106 Silver Trophy

    I'm fairly new to 19c myself, especially on the installation side, but I'll provide what I understand. There is just one 19c home, regardless of which version of 19.x you are running. When you are installing a brand new 19c home, you can both install it and apply the latest quarterly patch in a single command. Part of the patching process also suggests to tar/zip the Oracle home directory before applying the patch in case you need to roll back, so if you were installing to a new directory, why tar/zip something that would not change?

    As I said, just my understanding based upon your question.

  • kuljeet singh -
    kuljeet singh - Member Posts: 3,752 Gold Trophy

    Patching could be on existing home , but patching strategies has been change from Rel 12.2

    so better go through on below link which give clarity on RU/RUR