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Dataguard PDB level failover support for Multitenant Oracle 19c

user591200 Member Posts: 42 Bronze Badge
edited Aug 11, 2021 10:02PM in Data Guard


Multitenancy has been a driving topic but there is not much of clear direction on how the HA is implemented for Multitenancy.

The general approach seems to be CDB level failover to standby , so the failover takes place at CDB to CDB , in an event where a single PDB is experiencing an issue , we will have to failover the whole instance ..this will impact all PDB's on the CDB.

next option seems to be with "refreshable PDB" , then I don't know how the log transfer happens , I am unable to find clear direction on this approach.

Is there a way to accomplish PDB level failover with Dataguard or how to minimize failover time with refreshable PDB's ?

The refreshable PDB's seems to be available only on Oracle Exadata/ODA or Oracle Cloud Service. Is my understanding correct or is it available on Oracle enterprise edition for all 19c supported platforms ?