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Dataguard PDB level failover support for Multitenant Oracle 19c

user591200 Member Posts: 42 Bronze Badge
edited Aug 11, 2021 10:02PM in Data Guard


Multitenancy has been a driving topic but there is not much of clear direction on how the HA is implemented for Multitenancy.

The general approach seems to be CDB level failover to standby , so the failover takes place at CDB to CDB , in an event where a single PDB is experiencing an issue , we will have to failover the whole instance ..this will impact all PDB's on the CDB.

next option seems to be with "refreshable PDB" , then I don't know how the log transfer happens , I am unable to find clear direction on this approach.

Is there a way to accomplish PDB level failover with Dataguard or how to minimize failover time with refreshable PDB's ?

The refreshable PDB's seems to be available only on Oracle Exadata/ODA or Oracle Cloud Service. Is my understanding correct or is it available on Oracle enterprise edition for all 19c supported platforms ?


  • brian.mcginity
    brian.mcginity Member Posts: 140 Bronze Badge
    edited Apr 14, 2022 2:00PM

    I've been wondering sort of the same thing.

    I contacted and asked if their product could handle DG at the PDB level. Specifically, I asked to set up DG from one PDB to another PDB (on another server). They think this is possile.

    Sounds like you want to set up DG on the CDB and failover to just a single PDB without failing over the other PDBs. That sounds much more complex.