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Problem with WWNs on Oracle Linux + HPE Hardware

User_9N8XJ Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon


First off, I hope this is ok/the right place to post.

We have 2x HPE StoreFabric CN1300R 10/25Gb CNA adapters connected to our DL350 Gen10 box running Oracle Linux 6.10

What we're wanting to do is use this 1300 adapters to connect to some backend storage of ours using the WWN's. We've installed and configured the FCoE package on the box but we've noticed that the WWNN's MAC Addresses are showing incorrectly. In the past with previous servers, the MAC addresses on the cards end in a5:48 and a5:49 then with the WWNNs for those, they would be one digit up from the last pair so a5:50 and a5:51. The main confusing thing is that the WWNs are exactly the same for both ports on different cards

With the latest drivers we could find from HPE's drive page, we're now seeing 3x WWNNs for each card and unable to identify which is the correct one for which port. On the iLO, the AMS (Agentless Management Service) is showing the first 2 as Unknown and one as OK.

Ultimately, Im just trying to find out if anyone else has had this issue before? I've raised it with HPE and they've said its an issue with the OS and not the hardware..


  • Todd Vierling-Oracle
    Todd Vierling-Oracle Member Posts: 28 Employee
    edited Aug 18, 2021 5:49PM

    If you're using drivers from HPE, you'll have to ask them why it's happening, as they're maintaining that driver code (it's not part of OL, we are unable to debug them). Open a support ticket with them and they should know what diagnostics to ask for to resolve the issue.

    Do note however that OL6 is now under Extended Support phase, an additional-charge support tier that only covers a subset of what was originally included in OL6. If you're deploying a new system, you really do not want to be on OL6 at all, as new hardware enablement ended for it more than 3 years ago — and as of July 2024 even the Extended Support phase will end, effectively EOL'ing OL6 for anything but access to KM articles and basic troubleshooting.

    So in short, if this is a new deployment, use OL8 for maximum support lifetime, and OL7 only if absolutely required (Premier Support phase ends after July 2024). OL6 is a legacy version now.