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Oracle Linux 8 on Laptop

biscomputer Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon

Hi All - New to Linux and i wanted to install Oracle Linux on my laptop as an OS. We are Oracle Partners so i thought i would try out Oracle Linux. Is there anyone that runs Oracle Linux on their laptop? How does it perform? Any advantages vers other distributions of Linux



  • User_G0FB5
    User_G0FB5 Member Posts: 13 Employee

    Hi There,

    OS is a very vast product so explaining every aspect of this in a community post is tough.

    But yes, OL8 is more reliable, secure, and great compatible with new edge tech. like Cloud-Native, microservices, etc.

    I am providing a link below for an overall study about OS-OL8

  • David Gilpin-Oracle
    David Gilpin-Oracle Principal Product Manager, Oracle Linux and Virtualization Frisco, TXPosts: 30 Employee


    We focus Oracle Linux Server for enterprise server workloads. We use Oracle Linux inside Oracle for heavy-duty workloads - Database, applications, etc. To keep things simple we release Oracle Linux (the distribution) only as a SERVER installation image. We don't release a separate Workstation or Desktop release.

    There are a number of folks that use Oracle Linux Server (with the Server with GUI installation profile) as their desktop OS. Quite a few Oracle employees use Oracle Linux as their desktop distro.

    Obvious advantages include: binary compatibility with RHEL; access to Oracle-provided patches and errata; features that are only available in the UEK (such as btrfs) and more.

    Performance is similar to other RH compatible distros. Desktop and laptop hardware is typically smaller scale (fewer cores, less memory) - the UEK is designed for big workloads with lots of cores and memory, so there is less hardware to scale against. You can use the RH Compatible Kernel or UEK, whichever runs the best and has the drivers required for your desktop or laptop.

    There are many Linux distro choices for desktops and laptops, each with their own strengths. If you are looking for a RHEL or CentOS compatible distribution - give Oracle Linux a try on your desktop or laptop!