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FDMEE Manual steps when upgrading from 11.2.4 to 11.2.6

irvmic Member Posts: 24 Blue Ribbon

After installing the 11.2.6 the install doc says to run the steps below for FDMEE.

However when I use the ua tool to point to the FDMEE database it says that it is not the correct database and that i must have been created with RCU.

I get the same error when I point the UA tool to the RCU database for that webserver.

We haven't created any setup for FDMEE/ODI using RCU at all. We have used the database specified in the configuration tool and created the tables there. Or am I missing something here?

When applying an update, after installing and configuring, perform manual steps to upgrade

the ODI repository for Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise


1. Launch Upgrade Assistant: Navigate to Middleware_Home/oracle_common/

upgrade/bin/ and then launch ua.bat or ./

2. Follow the Upgrade Assistant wizard, making the following selections.

3. In Selected Schemas, select Individually Selected Schemas.

4. In Available Components, select Oracle Data Integrator.

5. In Prerequisites, select all of the options.

6. In ODI Schema, enter database details.

For Oracle Database:

• Database Connect String: <hostname>:<port>/<servicename> or


• DBA User Name: sys as sydba

• DBA Password: Enter the password and then click Connect.

• Schema User Name: Select the database user (either the EPM database user or the

FDMEE database user).

• Schema Password: Enter the database password.

For SQL Server:

• Select Database Type: Microsoft SQL Server

• Database Connect String: //<hostname>:<port>;DatabaseName=dbname

The database name is the EPM schema, or the FDMEE if it has a separate schema.

• DBA User Name: sa

• DBA Password: Enter the password and then click Connect, and then enter the

password for the schema user.

7. In ODI Options, select all of the options.

8. In ODI Supervisor, enter supervisor login information. For example:

ODI Supervisor User Name: SUPERVISOR

ODI Supervisor Password: SUNOPSIS

9. In Examine, confirm that Oracle Data Integrator is selected.

10. Click Upgrade.

After performing these steps, launch EPM System Configurator and select the Configure

Web Server task.