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FDMEE 11.2.4 imports rounded off data from Source.

When importing data from source, FDMEE imports rounded off data from the source. For example, if the data in source is 255.8192, it is getting imported as 256.

We need the data to be imported as it is from source. Are there any settings in either FDMEE or ODI that is causing this behavior? Has anyone faced similar behavior and fixed it?


  • msesudos
    msesudos Member Posts: 28 Red Ribbon

    Adding to my previous comments, source system is SAP HANA. We are using UDA adapter to connect to SAP HANA to pull the data.

    I checked in TDATASEG table and I could find entries in AMOUNT and AMOUNTX column in TDATASEG table has data with correct precision (actual data without any rounding off) but for some reason the data displayed in Data Load workbench is a rounded off one.

    Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

  • msesudos
    msesudos Member Posts: 28 Red Ribbon

    Correction to my previous update - Data present in the TDATASEG and TDATASEG_T tables are also rounded off data only which is getting displayed in Data Load Workbench.

    I believe the data round off is happening while importing it from the source itself. We are using UDA connection to connect to source SAP system. Any pointers whether any setting/mapping in ODI needs to be reviewed for this?