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How to enable a workflow in EDQ customer screening case administration app

Saddok_BADR Member Posts: 5 Green Ribbon

Hi guys,

So we are trying to configure the EDQ customer screening application. for alerts the workflow is perfectly configured.

However for case workflow it's not good.

below the list of available workflows.

The active one is sentry case workflow (it has only one state 'Generated')

We want to activate the case Generator default which has a complet workflow and transistion for a case lifecyle.

any genrated case has a state of "Generated" only for the active workflow 😥

We want to activate or enable the default case genrator workflow. see below how detailed are the transistions and case state

Below sample data for cases generated and empty workflow and transistions ....

cases are genrated it's good. but we want to act on the cases and solve them 😎

Any case we choose to clear doesn't have transistions of lifecycle (workflow).

Please help us get the default case generator workflow active.

Thanks in advance guys.