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expdp compression=all basic or advanced

Tamilio Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon

After read the article

i have a doubt. In our database Enterprise Edition we have only tables and indexes created without COMPRESS.

What is the compression used internally by expdp with compression=all option ?

  1. Basic Table Compression
  2. Advanced Compression

The first is free, the second not.

The Oracle doc

we have:

compression=metadata_only, is free

compression=all or data_only, no free

Can you help me clear up my doubt?



  • User_IUBBO
    User_IUBBO Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

    The compression parameter used in expdp , will only compress the dumpfile size. It has nothing to do with table or index level compression.

    If you are not mentioning any compression parameter in expdp, then by default it will compress only the metadata_only, which doesn't need license.

    However if you are using compression=all or data_only, then you need advanced compression license.