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Introduction to java basics - Provision Env Demo

dev3027 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

I am new to Java and am working toward SE certification. I decided to go through the courses provided by Oracle at The instructor suggested creating a Oracle Cloud Trail Account and using the services provided. Sounds great. In setting up my virtual machine however, I found that time and progress has left the instructions behind. I was unable to find the image the instructor is using. I did find one I believe is close. Oracle Linux Cloud Developer. Once the machine is provisioned, i get a message in the Instance Access that they are unclear on how I will connect to the machine.

The exact wording is "We're not quite sure how to connect to an instance that uses this image. Refer to the image's documentation, or see the general steps to connect to a running instance."

I have tried a vm with the given keys. I have tried a vm with my generated keys. I have opc / ubuntu / my compartment and the OCID as usernames, with no luck. always giving a error of ssh: Could not resolve hostname \342\200\223i: No such host is known. 

I created a vm with all the default settings and was able to log into it with no issues, however I can not use that vm as the instructor, once signing on, created a password for vnc and signed onto a vnc server. I have no idea what the vnc server is, but if he is showing it, then it must be important.

I looked up the image used in the default and did not see where it included any java sdk. The image Oracle-Linux-Cloud-Developer lists quite a bit of pre installed or configured stuff that mostly matched what the instructor showed.

I also noticed that the suggested size for the Oracle Linux Cloud Developer was at 8 gig, but the free tier for the vm is maxed out at 1 gig. The problem seems to be in the making of the machine and not using the ssh key, whether I provide it or it gives me one.

In other words, I don't know what I am doing and need some guidance. I started with reading the docs, moved to speaking with support via chat. I suspect getting a answer here is gonna take a hot second. My two main goals is to bring these concerns with the official learning course to light, and get me a vm that works for the course like it used to. This may well mean showing me where I went wrong.

Thank you to anyone who can help bring my into the light.

Mason Roberts