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emctl cannot blackout GoldenGate targets

User51642 Yong Huang
User51642 Yong Huang Member Posts: 142 Blue Ribbon
edited Sep 2, 2021 10:01PM in Enterprise Manager

We have GoldenGate as EM targets:

$ /u01/app/oracle/agent/agent_13. config agent listtargets | grep goldengate
[, oracle_goldengate_adminsrvr]
[, oracle_goldengate_dep]

We're hitting bug

Bug 32581863 : Cannot Blackout Targets with Colon In Name Via EMCLI / EMCTL

described in

EM 12c, EM 13c: Create GoldenGate Blackout Using emctl Fails with Blackout Start Error : the 5559 target does not exist (Doc ID 2360268.1)

which tells us "Follow ENH 17361214 for progress on this functional addition to emctl." But Bug 17361214 is unpublished. How do we know its progress? Other than creating blackouts through UI (Cloud Control user interface) as suggested, is there a better way? We can't rename the targets to remove the colons, can we?

(By the way, there used to be

How To Create Blackout With Emctl (command line) For GoldenGate Targets? (Doc ID 1920101.1)

but it's no longer available.)