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Oracle 19c Cluster add node getting failed due to below error in window server 2019

I have successfully configured Oracle 19c grid installation in one of windows server 2019 node and then I have tried to add another node using "cluster add node". but getting below error while adding the second node to my cluster. Need your support on this ?

Cause - Indicated nodes were not reachable, or the user equivalence is not available for those nodes, or the user failed to access the temporary location on the indicated nodes. 

Action - Ensure that all the indicated nodes are reachable, user equivalence exists for those nodes and current user has required permissions to access the temporary location on all the indicated nodes.

Additional Information:

Summary of node specific errors srv02 - PRVF-7546 : The work directory "C:\temp1\GridSetupActions2021-09-04_08-55-38AM\CVU_19.\" cannot be used on node "srv02"

Please select a different work area for the framework - Cause:  - Action: srv01

Environment details.

Windows version : Windows Server 2019 (64bit)

Oracle OCW : 19c (19.3)

applied RU : 19.12

Both nodes are in same domain and same temp path is used in both nodes. Domain user is administrative privilege