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Flashback schema

doc_scsi Member Posts: 3 Red Ribbon


Please implement the ability to flashback an entire schema.

Today, one can create a script to use flashback table to flashback all tables of one or many schemas at once. This is limited to table objects only, but there are many other objects types in a table as well.

This feature would greatly support the well known and very robust technique of schema consolidation, where you consolidate many applications having one or many different schemas in one single database. Application schemas should be self-contained and not overlapping, so one schema should exactly belong to one application (or none, then it's oracle internal).

This is probably hard to get it. At table level, can be done from undo but that's valid only for small tables. At tablespace level, could be done with flashback logs and redo. In both cases, there is the need to sync all metadata at the same timestamp.

Thanks for considering this idea


doc_scsiFranck Pachot
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