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Simplify Database RU patching with one-click download service

doc_scsi Member Posts: 3 Red Ribbon

Patching Oracle RDBMS is complicated. One has to read many notes, download from different source and maybe issue many times opatch.

runInstaller can create GoldImages with RU and one-offs included (OJVM counts as one-off), but timezone files are missing. Second, there is the option to have read-only Oracle homes, so one can separate software from configuration.

Please offer download service where you choose what you want to include in a read-only, golden image of an Oracle Home? So in detail, one should choose:

  • an RU from the available list, default is the newest available
  • then all one-offs (note 555.1) to that RU are shown, one can choose none to all
  • one can choose a timezone file to be included, default is the newest available, one can choose also older ones
  • one can choose to include OJVM patch or not, default is to include the patch but others can be choosen as well

For users unfamiliar to the patches, every category is shortly explained with links to a master note. So the download website stays small and simple to use.

As an example, please refer to the download service of dokuwiki, a free open source wiki software:

Thank you for considering this idea


doc_scsiFranck Pachot
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