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Can I use my domain name with DynDNS?

User_W7NG7 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

I have DynDNS Pro with a * host that is setup to access my home system (router is configured to keep the I updated). I would like to be able to access that home system using my domain, instead of the dynodes host name. Is that possible?

I have a domain name registered through DreamHost. I was looking at web hop, but not quite sure if that will work and how to set it up. On my domain, I did create a CNAME entry pointing to Was going to then create an entry from my domain to my dynodes host name. Would that be correct?

Right now, I'm waiting for the DNS to propagate on the new domain that I have.



  • Josip Bebek
    Josip Bebek Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
    edited Oct 14, 2021 2:55PM


    You can use your registar domain control panel to add CNAME record that point to your DYNDNS domain.

    You need to point your other than DYNDNS domain CNAME record to DYNDNS domain name.