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How do I make SOA use +777 permissions on Linux : SQL*Loader and File Move cause -rw-------

User_D5TR4 Member Posts: 3 Blue Ribbon

How do I change the behaviour of SQL*Loader and File Move in SOA processes, so they have permissions that are "world readable" (e.g. +777)? Currently we get -rw-------. I suspect it's caused by the choice of Linux account used by SOA. In our DEV system, the username on files (after being moved) is a number (54325) and group is "dba". In PROD it's "fmwprod" (but files that are readable are owned by a different account). Is this defined at a system-level or would we need to edit each BPEL process separately to change this? FileReceive is one of the functions we use. Apologies that my phraseology isn't sophisticated or precise; I'm not a SOA expert but I have a SOA problem.