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Map Builder does not see geometry layers from local users accounts in Oracle 18XE (multitenant)

user6027184 Member Posts: 9 Red Ribbon
edited Sep 22, 2021 9:25AM in Spatial Discussions

I have problem with Map Builder Version: (and the same in version: . I create a geometry table, register the layer in USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA and create a spatial index. When I do it on a common user's account then everything is correct, the geometry table is visible in Map Builder. But when I try to do the same on an account of user from pluggable database, i.e. local user (I work on Oracle 18 XE) then the connection works properly (with service name settled to the pluggable database name), when I choose the Show data button the user is visible, but Map Builder does not see any geometry table. Why is it so? What should I do to fix it? Is this a problem of metadata visibility? The common user SYSTEM does not see the layers from local users in all_sdo_geom_metadata, it sees only layers from common users accounts.

I attach pictures with the configuration

Connection with user mvdemo from pluggable database XEPDB1:

Geometry tables are invisible:

When I do the same with common user C##_mvdemo it is OK, the layer is visible: